Coming to the end of my first year as an alterist, I'm excited to say it's been quite the year!

Peach alters was founded in the little store of FCB Cards & Games near Atlanta Georgia. 

Throughout the year my signature has changed. 

Starting off, it was a heart and S, but once I started growing I decided I needed an actual signature.
The name Peach Alters was chosen because Georgia is the peach state.

Keeping the name in English though, that just was enough for me apparently.
Momo is Japanese for peach. 

Below is the Kanji (a system of Japanese writing using Chinese characters) for peach


Full border: $20

Partial: $10

Extension: $5


                          c        Open
May 9-11
Knoxville, TN

I hope for many more years among the magic/card altering community!

I do ask for the utmost patience as my site is still under construction. Thank you!

701 Henley St. Knoxville, TN 37902